Monday, April 29, 2013

Obama is Not Jesus

I have a bumper sticker on my car it says. “Obama is not a dark skinned Socialist that gives away healthcare, you are thinking of Jesus”.  Evidently it didn’t sit well with someone at a recent soccer tournament. They left the following neatly penned response on my windshield:

“Nice bumper sticker, but please do not ever try to compare O Bummer to Jesus:

Would Jesus:

-Support abortion

-Work so hard to have the word “God” removed from government buildings and not allow it to be spoken the Democratic National Convention.

-Violate the Constitution just because the lame-stream media won’t hold him accountable.

-support Muslims

Try listening to some Christian radio shows.

NONE support Obama & his Marxist policies.

Vote for whomever you want, but he is a far cry from Jesus.”

There was so much that I wanted to say in response that I hardly knew where to start. Now that a week has past I think that I can organize my thoughts well enough to address them.

This sentiment was not made was not to compare President Obama to Jesus. It was made to make the point that Jesus might have believed that everyone is entitled to good, quality health care. Although I did not learn about Christianity and the teachings of Jesus from a radio station, the ministers and religious instructors that I had taught that Jesus cared for all people regardless of their socio-economic standing. It is said that he healed the sick. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t perform healings based on insurance coverage and I’m relatively certain that he didn’t accept Visa.

I don’t know if Jesus was a pro-lifer but I don’t really think that anyone is pro-abortion.  I think that those of us that support choice believe that abortions should be safe and legal. I don’t think that Jesus would have promoted hateful rhetoric or the killing of abortion doctors.

I cannot find one reliable source that indicates that Obama wants the word, “God” removed from government “ANYTHING”. I do know that The First Amendment to the United States Constitution written by our founding fathers mentions something about the separation of Church and State which would support the old adage “religion and politics do not mix”.

Regarding having “God” removed from the Democratic Convention?!?! This is an excerpt from  An Obama campaign official said President Obama personally requested that "God" be put back into the platform. "Why did they change that?" Obama said, according to the official, when he heard the word had been removed. 

Perhaps you would like to read the complete article it can be found here:

 Interestingly while researching those silly claims about Obama wanting God removed from government buildings I did find this silly article about Spooky Sightings of Black Eyed children. I think it is right up your alley.

You were vague about how Obama has violated the constitution. The problem with people who leave cowardly notes on cars instead of engaging in real conversation is that you don’t have the chance to qualify your ignorant remarks, sorry.

You mentioned supporting Muslims.  Now that is an issue that I know that Jesus could get behind. Again, I don’t get my facts about Christianity from scholarly sources like Christian radio as you suggest that I should but my understanding is that Christianity is based on the belief of love and unity. I am just about certain that Jesus would love all people, even Muslims. I want to be fair and loving like Jesus taught but that comment about Muslims, that was just stupid and bigoted. 

I was baptized as a Christian and attended Church regularly until I discovered this side of Christianity. Like my Mama always says, “If Christians like you represent Christianity then I would much rather be a Muslim”.

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