Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Room With a New View

This morning I woke to the news that 4 men were found guilty in the “bus rape” that occurred in India last December. It was this well publicized rape that awoke my interest in writing about violence against women but more specifically the epidemic of rape that exists in the world. I recently found myself unable to write. As much as I tried I could not write one paragraph that felt meaningful to me. I thought that it might be that the summer brought more demands of my time than usual or that it was simple “writers block” to which I thought I was immune. I even blamed the therapist I began sharing with because he served as an outlet that I hadn’t had before. Yesterday I read the much shared story about the 8 year old Yemeni girl who was forced into a marriage with grown man and then died of internal injuries after her wedding night. My hands began to shake, tears began to flow and I thought I would become physically ill. 

When I was about 18 to 20 years old I had a dream that I was wearing a Burqa and concealing a weapon beneath it as I fled from someone. When I woke I was not relieved but disappointed. The burqa’d woman in my dream represented someone that I admired and still admire. She was someone who was liberating women from oppression. Yesterday I realized that delving into the subject of violence against women has offered me a glimpse into the “depths of hell” and at this time of my life I’m not prepared to dwell there. I asked myself if I am simply running from a subject that makes me uncomfortable or unable to deal with unresolved issues from my own life. I have come to the conclusion that I simply cannot be my best for the people who live with me when I delve into that darkness.

What I do know for certain is that I enjoy writing about things that are “awe inspiring”. In addition to many topics that I find awe inspiring are the people and organizations that improve the lives of others. Writing about those people will not only bring about awareness but will celebrate their work. If you would like to recommend an organization or person that I should explore please email me at Kcikeizer@comcast.net.  I’d like to write about people who work to promote gender equality, LGBT folks, international aid, the rights of children or the protection of animals. I'm also interested in writing about places, research and discoveries. I look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime for those of you who have supported my writing or been so kind as to share my writing please accept my heartfelt gratitude.

With Love, 


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